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Everything is – or soon will be – connected.

Our work and lives are increasingly borderless, transparent and interdependent. People, information and ideas are accessible – often instantly – through technological and human networks.

The network is the emerging paradigm for organizing human behavior across the planet, and network knowledge will be the master competency for success as individuals, organizations and broader communities.

Yet, most of us still rely on ways of working created more than a century ago during the rise of industrialization. Hierarchical systems, team structures and organizational processes are geared to efficiency and routine – and get in the way of information flow, rapid learning and adaptability. Barriers form around vertical, horizontal, stakeholder, demographic and geographic identities and interests – and impede performance.

Today’s organizations need systems to support efficiency and innovation; clear decision making and collaboration; structure and fluidity. Network knowledge can be used to intentionally pursue ideas that work, address organizational challenges and develop leaders.

How will you help leaders and your organization build network capability? How will you succeed in this new – and changing – future of work?

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