Harnessing the power of informal networks starts with the ability to “see” how people are connecting. Using network analytics, organizations can better understand the relational drivers behind strategically important goals such as innovation or adoption of change, and can address challenges such as collaborative overload or employee attrition on the basis of visual and data-driven insights.

The Connected Commons offers a range of webinars and tutorials for capability development in network analytics at both the introductory and more advanced levels.


Network Analysis for Business Performance

Network analysis is fast becoming an essential competency for organizations who want to understand how their informal networks function and manage them to drive change, fuel innovation and develop talent. This series of six webinars will provide you with foundational skills in designing, conducting and managing organizational network analyses (ONA.) The sessions include how to manage the strategic design of an ONA to maximize business impact; how to choose the best approach for data capture from both survey and social media-based options; designing effective instruments for data capture; generating visual and quantitative analytics; and communicating network insights to stakeholders. Also included is step-by-instruction on how to use three of the leading network analysis software packages: UciNet, NetDraw, and NodeXL.

Personal Networks of Successful Leaders

The collaborative intensity of work has exploded over the past decade, making networks of both formal and informal relationships increasingly the means by which employees innovate, execute and thrive at work. Unfortunately, most people have only a vague idea of the networks around them and often don’t invest in relationships in ways that can boost success. Contrary to popular belief, performance and well-being are not enhanced by simply building a big network, but rather by establishing one that is managed across five benefits that effective networks confer. In this five-module course, Rob Cross will review network dimensions that two decades of research have shown to be critical to success and help you build a personalized action plan to optimize connectivity.


People who are ready for more advanced topics can explore the Connected Commons’ series of advanced level tutorials. Each tutorial provides essential concepts and hands-on instruction in a short, easy-to-grasp format.

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