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Why Should You Get Involved?

You know the problems in your organization. You are an influencer, a connector – in a position to see how the business needs and the culture and people needs aren’t in sync. You are a passionate do-er, not content with the status quo. You are making sense of the big picture and serious about the details – and think of yourself as both visionary and pragmatic.

The Connected Commons is your opening. It’s a chance to get answers to the questions you have been asking and strengthen your own ability to lead. It’s a place where you can bring your ideas, insights and hunches out into daylight. It’s a community that is front and first in creating the future of work.

To fund the Commons for 2017, we are asking our corporate participants to contribute $15,000 annually.  As an open source community, our commitment is to operate via a cost recovery model with all funds going to conduct directly relevant research and build assets, tools, resources and educational experiences for the members.  The funds will be utilized to provide the following benefits of membership:

  • Two or three meetings one to one and one-half days in length, focused on members sharing what they are doing and profiling assets built for group. The members represent many of the organizations who are currently doing the most interesting work with talent. Room, food and materials will be covered.
  • Early access to several new white papers (in progress) based on a range of programs initiated in 2016 on topics such as collaborative analytics, effective practices to reduce overload, social networks as drivers of purpose and well-being, reducing high performer attrition through managing networks, etc.
  • Full access to the Connected Commons case and best practice library with a focus on three types of assets that quickly provide you and others in your organization with the resources you need:
    • Cases: 4-5 page cases of problems companies solved via use of network analysis
    • Best Practice Guides: 3-4 page guides on how to drive specific results from network analysis
    • Tools: Resources with proven results in member organizations
  • Access to the range of resources generated from the personal network research with videos and summary diagnostics released by end of 2017.
  • Access to the virtual “how to conduct network analysis course.” This course is comprised of six modules and is expected to run once a quarter with practice data sets, etc. The Commons accepts up to 40 participants per course, providing opportunities for many people from each organization to learn ONA.
  • Access to the virtual “personal networks of successful leaders” course. This course is comprised of five modules and a self/peer diagnostic. Similarly, up to 40 members or designees can participate in each class, providing opportunities for others in the leadership space to learn this capability. Organizations will be adapting this course for their specific purposes.
  • Complimentary seats in all Webinar thought leader and practitioner series.
  • Access to an exclusive Peer Network of members applying the ideas in ways that improve business performance.
  • Application of Connected Commons research in your organization.

Networks are the new way to work.

See the network for what it is.

Shape the network for what is needed.

Seed the network for what is next.

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