Innovate and Align Organizations

A challenge in nearly every industry and every part of the world, organizations are struggling to unleash, accelerate and align around innovation. Network strategies and analytics are increasingly being applied to create purpose-built networks that inspire new ways of aligning organizational resources to deliver breakthrough results.

Identifying critical change agents to minimize points of resistance; promote effective, not indiscriminate, collaboration; and develop networks strategically to meet goals such as gaining efficiencies or pursuing innovation.

Applications for Unleashing Innovation

  • Accelerate Innovation
  • Improve Collaboration
  • Accelerate Change
  • Align Strategy
  • Boundary Spanning
  • Harness Expertise

Recommended Resources

The above applications are organized into three types of resources to help you locate what you need for your specific problem or opportunity of interest: 

  • Cases: 4-5 page cases of problems companies solved via use of network analysis
  • Best Practice Guides: 3-4 page guides on how to drive specific results from network analysis
  • Tools: Resources with proven results in member organizations