Empower Talent

For more than a decade the volatility of global markets and demanding expectations of employees and stakeholders has placed Enhancing Leadership as a top five imperative on nearly every organization study.

Applying research on high-performing leaders from over 300 organizations, we want to help leaders build effective networks that improve performance and boost well-being.

Applications for Empowering Talent

  • Recruiting & On Boarding
  • Performance
  • Succession & Top Talent Readiness
  • Retention & Engagement
  • Human Capital Analytics
  • Learning & Knowledge Sharing

Recommended Resources

The above applications are organized into three types of resources to help you locate what you need for your specific problem or opportunity of interest: 

  • Cases: 4-5 page cases of problems companies solved via use of network analysis
  • Best Practice Guides: 3-4 page guides on how to drive specific results from network analysis
  • Tools: Resources with proven results in member organizations