Application Domains

Build Personal and Organizational Network Capacity

The Connected Commons helps you determine how to build and strengthen network capacity through individual-level and organizational-level efforts. We are focused on three areas where network ideas and capability can have immediate and significant impact for member organizations:

Applying network approaches in these areas begins to untangle the complexity, inefficiency and overload that plague organizations; provides tangible business results; and models new ways of collaborating and connecting.

Connected Commons members can:

Align networks with key business objectives to fuel and manage innovation.

Use network analytics to manage the organizational changes that go hand-in-hand with inspiring new ways of thinking and acting. Identify critical change agents and points of resistance; promote effective, not indiscriminate, collaboration; and develop networks strategically to meet goals such as gaining efficiencies or pursuing innovation.

Activate a targeted innovation network.

Juniper Networks, a $4.5 billion global company, used network data to understand the kinds of collaboration needed to produce innovation from critical cross-boundary groups. The company brought the network together and created experiences to build needed skills and connections. The event resulted in a valuable new product idea – plus set a precedent for how work takes place in network-driven (not hierarchy-driven) structures. Similar events and approaches have been used by Juniper to generate ideas, solve problems, create culture and engage multiple stakeholders.

Manage talent more effectively with network insights.

Improve talent utilization, speed-up on-boarding and reduce turnover by applying a network perspective and using network analysis. Use traditional talent metrics plus network data to make the talent and development decisions that drive key business results.

Identify hidden talent and strengthen leadership bench.

LoyaltyOne, a well-established customer engagement business, used a network lens to enrich its talent and succession process. Seeking to better understand patterns of connectivity and individual leader impact, the company conducted an organizational network analysis with 400 managers. The process generated rich data across business units and other organizational boundaries. Powerful new insights included the identification of hidden talent and the revelation of risky dependencies on business-critical expertise. Insights were quickly turned into action to address talent management goals, mitigate leadership risk and support the business strategy.

Help leaders create and manage their networks to lead more effectively

Apply research on high performers in over 300 organizations to build effective networks that improve performance and boost well-being. Avoid connectivity patterns that undermine or derail leadership.

Boost network competencies of rising leaders

The biologics R&D division of a global pharmaceutical/biotech company places network knowledge as one pillar of a year-long development experience for rising biotech leaders to develop what it takes to effectively lead across the enterprise. As a result, these leaders cultivate networks that support high performance, innovation and high engagement.

One leader recently reflected, “The development experience and follow-on coaching gave me the confidence to build my network with more senior leaders who are not in my business area. Their insights have been invaluable to shaping my team’s work to align with our strategy as I transitioned into a global role.”