About Connected Commons

The new engine of economic growth and social well-being is connections. While machines were the dominate metaphor of the industrial economy, the dominant metaphor of our time is the NETWORK – both social and technological.  In the Connected Economy, value will be increasingly generated by a focus on the purpose, positivity and precision of network connections.


  • a consumer to the movie they want to watch on the desired device at the time that works best for them
  • the best globally distributed research scientists to solve a challenging problem
  • the closest car and driver to the moment and price you need it
  • a remote patient to the specialized doctor with the unique experience required to cure their disease.

New Ways of Working

Networks now organize human behavior across the planet. Today’s organizations need systems to support efficiency innovation; clear decision making and effective collaboration.

Yet, most organizations still rely on ways of working created more than a century ago during the rise of industrialization. Hierarchical systems, team structures and organizational processes are geared to efficiency and routine – and get in the way of information flow, rapid learning and adaptability.

Until recently we have underappreciated the value of “x-raying” and engineering purpose-built organization networks. In a world that is increasingly interdependent, we believe that creating solutions and systems that enable organization networks to operate with purpose, precision and positivity will increasingly determine success.

For CEOs, organizational openness offers tremendous upside potential —empowered employees, free-flowing ideas, more creativity and innovation, happier customers, better results. As rigid controls loosen, organizations need a strong sense of purpose and shared beliefs to guide decision making. Teams will need processes and tools that inspire collaboration on a massive scale. Perhaps most important, organizations must help employees develop traits to excel in this type of environment.

IBM study of 1,700 CEOs

Our Purpose

Anticipating the emerging impact of organization networks, a group of academic, business and thought-leaders have been working for nearly 20 years to discover new ways of working that deliver breakthrough results in a connected economy.

The Connected Commons is an open source community dedicated to sharing how Social Network Science improves the performance and well-being of individuals, organizations and society in three areas:

unleashempower enhance

Understanding the economic and social benefits of improving these areas; the Connected Commons is dedicated to:

  • Pioneering and promoting leading-edge network science and research
  • Sharing practical applications and case studies
  • Building professional skills and capabilities
  • Co-creating solutions, tools and software that enable personal and organizational success

We invite you to join the Connected Commons learning and sharing the strategies, skills, solutions and systems required for success in a Connected Economy.